daisi -Electric Facial Cleanser... NIB - Never used... I actually have the Exact same facial cleanser ....my friend didn't know I had gotten one already... and I love mine so I know you will love this one as well...
Red, comes with two helping tools & pink glove! ALL three on my page for 10
Sealed compare to active ingredient Pepto-Bismol 16 fl oz expire date is 04/19
$2 each bottle $1 each toothpaste $2 each Nail polish sets $2 each mouthwash $0.50 each bandaid box $1 each liners $2 poise pads $2 each bodywash
New Cover FX Glitter Drops. Color Nova. 0.5 oz Retails for $44. PPU is off the 10 mile road area only. Please be ready to set pick up immediately when posting sold. Interested in means sold. Holds for valid questions not already in description. Must be picked up within 5 days of posting sold. Thank you!
4 piece bag. One has powder makeup on the bottom as pictured which I only knocked out. I did not try to wash out. Still in great used condition but have been used for makeup.
New still in shipping packaging. I LOVE this stuff. It made my hair feel like I'd just got it cut. So I ordered it for my whole family, but accidentally over ordered. Sells for 45$ online. Meets, Walmart on Creighton, DQ on Scenic, Burger King on Davis, just ask for other meets. 37$ if you ppu in Northpointe.
New w/ $18 price tag. Tease fragrance body scrub shimmering body wash. Pick up on Pine Forest rd.
Almost full 1 liter bottle of Joico KPak shampoo and free half full bottle of conditioner. Used this for a couple of days but it just doesn t agree with my hair. This bottle retails for $32 at Ulta. Ppu off of Old Chemstrand Rd or car pick up near Pace Target.